Company profile

       The aim of our company is to workmanship, transport and installation of hardening safety glass, reflexing glass and colour glass system without frame.

We provide it in these locations:

  • in houses and flats
  • offices
  • shops and department stores
  • public buildings

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

We provide services:

  • working of 2-15 mm thick sheet glass
  • laminating glass
  • selling of glass constructions
  • producing of rustproof  steel constructions
  • give special advice

It can be a simple kitchen cabinet or planning of the glass construction.

We provide the best solution and the best quality to our customers.

Something new

With safety glass we can provide constructions with are different from traditional frames. Constructions are made according to the modern technology. They are elegant, light, safe and have long life.

Glass without frame has an appropriate reaction despite of dividing the area it doesn’t soften light.

It depends on the costumer or the builder which glass they choose the transparent glass to show the open area the frosted glass to emphasize the area.

Our company provides full service:

  • accurate  measures
  • giving the price
  • transporting of products
  • construction
  • guarantee
  • service 

We provide service of full glass constructions all around Slovakia. Our products are made according to our customers request.

Glass World LTD guarantee is 24 months.